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is writing her first novel

Sydney Writers’ Festival 2014

The Sydney Writers’ Festival was so much fun last year – stimulating and crowded and wet, and now that I’m wandering down this path – a little frustrating. Am doing my bit to publicise this great, largely free, event. I’ve already picked my sessions for 2014 and am ready to brave puddles and crowds.

On Saturday May 24 I plan to be at:

  1. The Science of Science Fiction – Genres: Science & Environment, Fiction, Craft – How has fiction influenced science? With Jim Al-Khalili, Scott Baker and David M. Henley.
  2. Hang Up Philosophy – Genres: Philosophy, Culture & Heritage – Philosophers discuss the meaning and significance of thinking for the sake of thinking.
  3. New Worlds: Digital Storytelling – Genres: Publishing, New Media, Fiction, Poetry, Young Adults – Find out how apps, twitter and community websites are changing the way authors share their work.

And on Sunday:

  1. Blockbusters: What’s the Secret? – Genres: Fiction, Craft, Publishing -Writing blockbusters with Scott Baker, Steve Worland, Chris Allen and Greg Barron.
  2. Seductive Villains – Genres: Fiction, Nonfiction, Craft – Why are villains so attractive to write?
  3. Adapt or Die: Small Start, Global Finish – Genres: Scriptwriting, Fiction – Ross Grayson Bell talks to Graeme Simsion, Ian Collie and Hannah Kent about breaking through the world.
Sydney Writers Festival 2014

Its raining books


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