Clare Guthrie

is writing her first novel

Cloud of Uncertainty

The Quantum Cloud

The Quantum Cloud

I felt an urge today at lunch time to Google ‘Quantum Fiction’ and then to follow the trail down the rabbit hole. As a result @ClareisWrite is now following @quantumfiction on Twitter and contemplating my ongoing search for a name.

Cloud of Uncertainty, a possible title for the novel, or Realm of Paradox, refer to imagery in the article Visualizing Life in a Quantum-Mechanical World.

I loved the picture of submicroscopic “particle ‘clouds’ drifting around within an atom, overlapping with each other in different geometric shapes. The more massive the particle, the less uncertain its position is, and hence the smaller its cloud of uncertainty . . . your massive car would be relatively easy to spot, while your much smaller car keys could be almost anywhere. (Oh, wait…it works like that in this world, too.)”


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